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Coventry City FA Cup Winners

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winter of 47
I lived in cherry st opposite gas st, I was 9 at the time, getting up at about 5 o'clock to relieve my dad in the coke queue at the gas works in the snow  - how meny of todays 9 year olds would be expected to do that today.Read more

Old Grammar School

We need your memories of Coventry’s Old Grammar School, as part of the redevelopment of this historic building. If you remember taking part in activities, clubs, societies or events in the 12th century building, then please share them with us using this website. Your memory might even form part of a permanent display when the building reopens!

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Coventry & the Blitz

The city was bombed many times during the Second World War by the Nazi German Air Force. The most devastating of these blitzes occurred on the evening of 14 November 1940.

In one night, more than 4,000 homes in Coventry were destroyed, along with around three quarters of the city's factories. There was barely an undamaged building left in the city centre. Two hospitals, two churches and a police station were also among the damaged buildings. Approximately 600 people were killed (the precise death toll has never been established) and more than 1,000 were injured.
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